My Big Fat Greek Wedding Mom Was A Pro Shoplifter, According To The Supermarket That Busted Her!

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Lainie Kazan was reportedly a known shoplifter, according to TMZ, which is why the store was ready at the exit when she was caught red-handed on Christmas Eve.

Last week, we were shocked to report that the mom from My Big Fat Greek Wedding was arrested after she walked out of a Gelson’s supermarket in San Fernando Valley on December 24 with $180 of unpaid groceries.

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Gelson’s workers weren’t so shocked, however, as Kazan was apparently no stranger to the five finger discount. Employees told TMZ that the actress would regularly fill up her basket and pretend to walk toward the checkout line, but would then make a quick dart for the exit as other shoppers were leaving the store.

Supermarket employees were ready for the swiper the last time she came in. Loss prevention officials were alerted and waited for Kazan to exit the store before busting her for stolen items that included a hot rotisserie chicken, tomatoes, Jell-O, uncured pepperoni, and cleaning supplies (no Windex, sadly).

Kazan’s attorney Mark Werksman said the arrest was actually a “misunderstanding” and that they didn’t give the 77-year-old a chance to pay for her items before arresting her.

He also denied that Kazan ever stole from Gelson’s in the past, but the store claims it has security footage that clearly shows her shoplifting routine. Oy vey.

[Image via Abel Fermin/WENN.]

Dec 29, 2017 10:27am PST

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