Some Guy Yelled At The FAKE Donald Trump In Disney’s Hall Of Presidents — But Is It Hilarious Or Unhelpful??

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We are all for protesting Donald Trump.

The man is rolling back environmental regulations, destroying civil rights protections, and enriching corporations and billionaires — not to mention taking a wrecking ball to the office with bullying, anti-intellectualism, and bald-faced lying.

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But is it helpful to protest the animatronic POTUS recently installed at Disney‘s Hall of Presidents??

A comic named Jay Malsky tweeted a video of himself heckling the robo-Trump this week, which may have been cathartic for him but doesn’t seem to impress too many others.

Watch (below):

Something tells us this didn’t go over as well as Malsky had hoped.

Not only can you hear people booing and shushing him in the actual theater, a response on Twitter calling him “disgusting and immature” got THREE TIMES as many likes!

Again, we are completely against Trump and all he stands for — but we also don’t yell at the TV every time he comes on.

What do YOU think??

[Image via Disney/YouTube.]

Dec 29, 2017 3:39pm PST

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