Dylan Sprouse LAYS INTO The Label ‘Former Child Star’: ‘It Implies You’ve Already Failed’

dylan sprouse talks former child star label

Dylan Sprouse is NOT a fan of the term “former child star.”

For an interview with Vulture, the Suite Life of Zack & Cody alum revealed just how “derogatory” that phrase comes off to those who’ve grown up in the industry. Color us intrigued.

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As you surely know, Dylan made a name for himself, alongside twin brother Cole Sprouse, by appearing in various projects on the Disney Channel between 2005 and 2011. However, by the mid ’10s, the Sprouse twins chose to step back from the spotlight to attend college at New York University.

When Dylan was spotted making lattes at an East Village coffee shop in 2013, people began labeling him as a “former child star” and began speculating that he was destitute. At the time, Sprouse shot down the offensive rumors and revealed he took the job to get a “new experience.”

In his latest interview, he recalled:

“I think they were just confused. I was just doing what I impulsively thought I needed to do. And I knew I’d have a great time doing it… People would come up to me and be like, ├óΓé¼╦£You must have fucked up.'”

People have no boundaries. We’re sorry he went through that. In regards to being portrayed as a “former child star” in the press, the 25-year-old noted:

“That term is so derogatory. Isn’t it always derogatory? Even ‘young actor’ sounds better. You’re already in a box. But they put you in a smaller box inside that box. It also implies past tense. It implies you’ve already failed, right? I was actually na├â┬»ve enough to think that people wouldn’t think of it in that way.”

Well said. On why he and Cole walked away from the Suite Life, he explained:

“I mean, we had a really awesome idea for where the show needed to go. We were 18. If that isn’t old enough to know exactly what the show needs, then├óΓé¼┬ªwell, I would beg to disagree… I don’t think [Disney] were willing to work with us, really ever. So we stopped the show.”

That’s on Disney then. What a missed opportunity!

Sadly, with Cole’s busy Riverdale schedule, we doubt there will be a Suite Life reboot anytime soon. Not to mention, Dylan is focusing on doing “independent, expressive, really small-scale” projects. Oh, and he’s busy opening up his own Williamsburg bar, All-Wise Meadery.

Apparently, Dylan put “most” of his money into the hot spot — so we’re hoping it works out for him!

[Image via Derrick Salters/WENN.]

Dec 29, 2017 10:56am PST

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