First Date From Hell! Woman Accused Of Drunkenly Damaging $1 Million Worth Of Fine Art!

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What’s the worst thing a first date has ever done to you? If it’s less than $300K worth of damage, Tony Buzbee might have you beat.

The wealthy Houston lawyer went on a date with a court reporter named Lindy Lou Layman over the weekend during which he alleges she got completely hammered.

When he tried to call the 29-year-old an Uber, prosecutors say the 29-year-old hid inside the house before eventually doing massive amounts of damage.

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Among the accusations in the felony criminal mischief charge are throwing two sculptures, pouring red wine on artwork, and tearing paintings off the wall — including two Andy Warhol originals valued at $500K EACH!

According to Buzbee, Layman also “pulled a Renoir and a Monet off the wall” — though thankfully he says they were not damaged.

Layman posted $30,000 bail and is due back in court on January 9.

Nowhere in the court documents is a reason given for Layman to be so destructive toward the 49-year-old’s property, but we can safely assume there won’t be a second date.

[Image via Houston Police Department.]

Dec 29, 2017 7:59pm PDT

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