How Did Will Smith’s Critically-Panned Bright Do On Its ‘Opening Weekend’?

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Critics may have given Will Smith‘s new movie a shiner, with many calling it “the worst movie of the year,” but Bright is still apparently drawing audiences like faeries flies to a bug-zapper!

The critically-panned Netflix original movie has pulled in a total audience of over 11 million in it’s first three days of release, according to Nielsen estimates.

This healthy “opening weekend” could explain why the streamer already greenlit a sequel for the film, despite it sparking controversy for its half-baked racial allegories.

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Netflix is still quite secretive with its viewership figures. Though according to Nielsen, Bright was less popular than Stranger Things season 2 — yet drew in more viewers than the second season of The Crown.

So, does this make the hybrid cop buddy/fantasy film a hit? In Netflix terms, perhaps, but that wouldn’t exactly translate to a big screen success…

If all 11 million viewers bought a movie ticket at the average price of $8.91, Bright would have earned an envious $98.2 million its opening weekend, almost making back its $100 million budget.

Of course, turning on Netflix is much easier than heading to the local movie theater and buying tickets — a task 11 million people would likely NOT be up for to see Will Smith shout “fairy lives don’t matter!”

Either way, the film was a clearly big enough hit for Netflix to move forward with a sequel. One that we assume will be unapologetically *brighter* than the first.

[Image via Netflix.]

Dec 29, 2017 2:48pm PDT

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