Run, Joe, Run? Donald Trump Would Lose ‘Overwhelmingly’ To Joe Biden In 2020

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Ready for 2020 yet?!

Neither are we, but politicians are definitely thinking about it — and according to one powerful Democrat, it sure sounds like Joe Biden may be the man of choice to run against Donald Trump in the next race for President!

Really?! Don’t get us wrong — Biden is great, and goodness knows he’s WAY better than The Donald, but are we really picking between two 70-something year old white men???

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According to former Pennsylvania governor and DNC chair Ed Rendell, Biden isn’t just one of the options, he is “a superstar.”

Speaking on a New York radio show interview today, Rendell said (below):

“To me it’s clear-cut: Joe Biden is our superstar. If he decides to run I think he will win overwhelmingly … Of course, people say [Biden’s] too old. But he’s only a year and a half older than President Trump, and he’s in infinitely better shape. I don’t think age would be a factor in a Biden-Trump election.”

Hmmm… That would sure be… something!!! (FWIW, polls indicated Biden would CRUSH Trump…)

Again, don’t get us wrong: we’d love Joe Biden as President. We would’ve loved Hillary Clinton as President though, too. But just because Biden is around doesn’t necessarily mean he’s the best pick… maybe just a safe one?

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The Democrats need a leader — preferably a slightly younger one, and perhaps a woman or a person of color. Maybe everyone could vote for Kris Jenner again???

The Republicans already have a leader, and he’s one of the worst of all time.

Oh yeah… 2020 is gonna be fascinating…

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Dec 31, 2017 4:54pm PDT

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