Amber Portwood Admits Ex-Fiancé Matt Baier Threatened To Attempt Suicide As Baby Daddy Andrew Glennon Makes His Teen Mom OG Debut

amber portwood reveals ex fiance threatened suicide

Major milestones occurred on Monday’s Teen Mom OG.

For starters, Amber Portwood finally let go of her toxic relationship with ex-fiancé Matt Baier as she debuted her romance with (now baby daddy) Andrew Glennon. Not to mention, Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra got the chance to see the daughter they gave up for adoption, named Carly, for the first time in around two years.

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Of course, Farrah Abraham had family drama with her mom (which isn’t exactly new), but daughter Sophia announced that she never wanted to see grandma Debra Danielsen again. Whoa.

For specifics on the drama, be sure to proceed (below)…

Farrah tried to do something nice for Debra as she and Sophia flew out to Omaha for Danielsen’s birthday. However, things took a tense turn when Abraham’s youngster made it ABUNDANTLY clear that she didn’t want to hear about Debra’s wedding to David Merz. In fact, the eight-year-old even said that if Debra went through with the nuptials she NEVER wanted to see her again. So savage for one so young.

Abraham expressed their displeasure with David to Debra, and made sure to note that the man is “narrow-minded and horrible.” Oof.

Although Catelynn and Tyler’s visit with biological daughter Carly occurred off screen, the drama of it all was captured for the MTV hit. After describing how the Baltierras got to bring Carly to a park for a playdate with other daughter Nova, Tyler admitted that Catelynn couldn’t stop crying during this time.

Lowell later admitted that Carly clearly missed them as she asked her adoptive parents if she could ride in the car with Catelynn and Tyler — a request they denied. Intense stuff.

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Speaking of intensity, Amber dropped a HUGE truth bomb while filming this episode. As you surely know, Portwood had a pretty messy falling out with Baier, and it appears Matt did not take their breakup well.

Amber seemed to be really happy when her new beau came out to visit her. The twosome explained how they fell for each other while Amber was filming Marriage Boot Camp Reality Stars: Family Edition. Glennon admitted to the TMOG crew that he’d try to always be in the room with her during filming sessions. Awwwww.

Sadly, Amber’s new romance wasn’t without drama as Matt was plaguing the good times with troubling threats. While visiting with ex Gary Shirley and daughter Leah, Amber revealed that she had been a bit MIA as she didn’t want their daughter to see her upset about Baier.

Specifically, Amber told Gary that Matt threatened to kill himself if she didn’t take him back. Baier even sent Portwood a photo of 20 hydrocodone pills.

Although Shirley felt for Amber, he had to remind his ex to not let this drama get in the way of her responsibilities — especially when she owed him $9,600 in child support. After promising to get him the money via a payment plan, Amber vowed to be around more for Leah.

We’re sure the drama is only starting as TMOG has yet to cover Amber’s surprise pregnancy AND Matt’s quickie marriage!

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Jan 2, 2018 11:11am PST

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