Donald Trump Takes Credit For There Being No Aviation Deaths In 2017 & Twitter — Including Bryan Cranston — Lets Out An Exasperated Sigh

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New year, same dipshit President.

On Tuesday, Donald Trump reminded citizens he can boast about whatever the fuck he wants and not be held accountable, causing half of Twitter to bang their heads on their keyboards while the other half blindly believes him (oh god, we hope it’s not half).

The latest example of this was Trump taking credit for a fatality-free 2017 in commercial aviation — something he was in no way, shape, or form responsible for.

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While the news does come as a breath of fresh air, it’s not particularly remarkable for America given the fact that there have been no aviation fatalities in the US since 2009. Yet Trump still somehow felt the global achievement was due to his being “very strict on Commercial Aviation” — and no, he never clarified what he meant by that.

Of course, Twitter took POTUS to task over the alternative brag. Everyone from airline officials to Bryan Cranston were dumbfounded over Trump’s audacity to take credit for something he so obviously had nothing to do with.

But others were more focused on the more depressing fact that a large number of Trump supporters blindly believe he, the man who sparked nationwide airport protests, was responsible for the safest year of air travel.

See the frustrated responses (below):

The worst thing is, this is just one tiny little raindrop in the storm of Trump’s lies. And we’re drowning here, people.

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Jan 2, 2018 6:38pm PDT

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