Matt Lauer Is Surprisingly Supportive Of Hoda Kotb Amid Major Today Promotion!

matt lauer reacts hoda kotb today promotion

Matt Lauer has officially supported NBC News‘ decision to tap Hoda Kotb as his permanent replacement.

Well, it’s the least he could do after he inflicted scandal onto the whole Today family with his controversial ousting. You know we’re right.

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In case you forgot, following Matt’s firing for “inappropriate sexual behavior” in the workplace, Kotb was pulled from the 10 o’clock hour in order to create a temporary fix. But the position is no longer a temporary one, as the seasoned TV personality will join Savannah Guthrie permanently at 7 a.m. from now on. (Don’t worry, Hoda will still be sippin’ wine with Kathie Lee Gifford later in the day.)

In regards to how Lauer reacted to Hoda’s promotion, the 53-year-old spilled to E! News:

“He was sweet this morning. Certain texts popped up, and there was one from Matt: ‘Congratulations!’ And he said some nice words.”

Way to take the high road, bud. Perhaps this is evidence that Matt really has Z-E-R-O interest in returning to TV??

Regardless, for now, the disgraced newsman is clearly trying to be a better person. Kotb continued:

“It meant the world to me to hear from him. It was really nice.”

Lauer has yet to publicly congratulate Hoda on her new job role, but we doubt that’ll ever happen as he’s laying low these days. A move we support, and hope he continues.

Savannah also expressed Matt’s delight at Hoda nabbing the co-anchor spot. She added:

“Matt is really focused on his family, and I think that’s where his heart is and that’s where it should be. We’ve kept in touch and we’ve all been reaching out, and, you know…I don’t think there’s anyone who would be more thrilled than Matt to see Hoda in this role. He adores Hoda and he knows how good she is and so I know that to be true.”

As for herself, Guthrie has labeled Kotb being named her partner a “dream.” Savannah concluded:

“The job can be intense, and you want a partner who has your back… The fact that we are two women seems just right with where our culture is.”

Hear! Hear!

We’re so excited to see these ladies running the show. Snaps all around!!

[Image via Dennis Van Tine/Future Image/WENN.]

Jan 2, 2018 1:53pm PST

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