Proceeds From Coachella Tickets *Probably* Going To Fund Anti-LGBT & Anti-Abortion Politicians…

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Hey there, music fest luvvahs!

Just your second annual reminder that while Coachella is a super fun time, proceeds from your tickets will in all likelihood go to fund anti-LGBT and anti-abortion politicians in a very important mid-term year.

See, AEG owner Philip Anschutz is a massive donor to conservative Republicans, who regularly gives hundreds of thousands to GOP politicians.

Last year after the news went viral, Anschutz released a statement saying he had cut off any contributions to anti-LGBT causes.

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Buuuuut Fader did the math again this year and found that in 2017 — which wasn’t even an election or midterm year — he gave another $187,300 to politicians and super-PACs which are vocally against same sex marriage, anti-abortion, and pro-NRA.

Oh yeah, and of course Paul Ryan who wants to cut Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security to help pay for his billionaire tax cut.

Will YOU still be able to attend with a clear conscience??

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Jan 4, 2018 8:06pm PST

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