Following Logan Paul’s Scandal, YouTuber JoJo Siwa Promises Her Content ‘Will Always Be Family Friendly & Safe’!

jojo siwa promises family friendly content

This Dance Moms alum promises to “always” create “family friendly” content.

As you surely know, YouTube was put on blast after they allowed Logan Paul to upload a video which featured an apparent suicide victim. To make matters worse, the video sharing site featured the controversial footage on its trending page for some time.

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While Logan has since offered up a mea culpa for his ignorant behavior, YouTube dropped a non-apology apology regarding the troubling situation. As the 22-year-old internet star has countless young followers, many have become concerned about the kind of content present online.

In an attempt to keep younger fans on YouTube, JoJo Siwa has made quite the promise to “parents of today’s kids.” The Lifetime star turned YouTuber shared on Wednesday:

While 14-year-old Siwa didn’t mention Logan by name, it’s pretty obvious that the celebrated dancer is referencing Paul’s scandal. It may’ve been a bit shady, but was a SUPER smart business move, as countless fans have since expressed their gratitude. For example, one follower wrote:

“Thank you! As a parent one of my biggest concerns is this but is very comforting to know my daughter and son will be listening to safe content! Reassuring!”

See?? Not everyone is trash on the internet!!

Good job, JoJo!

[Image via Logan Paul/JoJo Siwa/Instagram.]

Jan 4, 2018 9:35am PST

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