Tonya Harding Talks Abusive Relationships, I, Tonya Performances, & Training For An Upcoming Skating Exhibition!

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Coming off the skates heels of her acclaimed biopic, Tonya Harding is ready to take back the ice rink.

In an interview alongside Margot Robbie, the subject of I, Tonya admitted she still skates “every week” and is even set to compete in an exhibition at Rockefeller Center in late January!

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The disgraced Olympian said that stepping into the rink after all these years still makes her feel alive, and, despite the physical pain she gets from skating, Harding is still bent on landing triples again.

She explained to The Hollywood Reporter:

“[I skate] every week. We have a rink about 50 minutes from my house. It makes me feel alive. If I wasn’t in pain most of the time while I’m skating, I’d be out there much longer. But I’m going to go back to doing my triples. I know once I land one, it will be like, Oh yeah, that’s how it feels.'”

It’s never too late for glory — especially now that her side of the story is finally being told.

Harding said one of the big reasons she signed her life rights for I, Tonya was to get closure on her tumultuous past (that, and a fee plus a percentage of the film profits).

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But reliving the volatile relationships with her mother (played by Allison Janney) and allegedly abusive ex-husband (played by Sebastian Stan) wasn’t easy. Harding said of their performances:

“The first time that I saw Sebastian yell in the movie, it took me completely back to when those times happened, and it happened so often. But Allison Janney, wow, she couldn’t have hit my mother on the head any better. And it was hilarious. The one thing my mother didn’t do was smoke on the ice.”

Later on in the conversation, Robbie admitted how traumatic it was for her to play someone in an abusive relationship. Here’s their exchange on the topic:

HARDING I found this out later, but when I separated from Jeff — I got all my things and my own place and by the end of October, my apartment had been broken into.

ROBBIE You’d been robbed?

HARDING Everything inside my apartment was shredded, there were knife holes in my couches and in my water bed. And the water bed was upstairs, so the whole basement was flooded.

ROBBIE Do you suspect it was Jeff?

HARDING Oh, it was Jeff.

ROBBIE That gives you a glimpse into what a tumultuous relationship it was. I found it emotionally traumatic to put myself in the mind-set of someone who’s in an abusive relationship.

HARDING It’s an everyday occurrence.

ROBBIE And you almost get used to it.

HARDING I was told I was fat, I was ugly, I would never amount to anything.

She sure proved that asshat wrong!

Have you seen I, Tyona yet? Head over to The Hollywood Reporter for the full joint interview.

[Image via Brian To/WENN.]

Jan 4, 2018 1:43pm PDT

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