Scary — Cops Say There Are Multiple ‘Sophisticated Groups’ Of Burglars Robbing Celeb Homes In L.A.

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We’ve been reporting on major burglaries at celeb houses over the last several monthsMariah Carey, Kyle Richards, Jason Derulo, Scott Disick, and MLB star Yasiel Puig, just to name a few — but now we know a bit more about what’s really going on.

And it turns out to be scarier than we thought!!

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Rather than the burglaries being inside jobs from people who know the celebs, it turns out, according to the LAPD via TMZ, that there are “various, sophisticated groups of burglars” hitting nice areas in El Lay, particularly the San Fernando Valley.


According to cops, there’s been a specific migration of burglars towards the San Fernando Valley, and away from Hollywood, where some of the first homes were hit.

The LAPD is investigating 23 celebrity burglary cases right now, and apparently 19 of them occurred in the San Fernando Valley.

What’s worse, though, is the sophistication of these burglars: they understand how to get in weak points of homes, and will hit second floor windows and balcony doors with ladders to avoid triggering alarms and tripping notice. In, out, and gone with nobody the wiser.

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It’s not just celebs, either — the LAPD says there has also been “an incredible number of non-celebrity hits,” with these burglars pretty much just looking for nice houses with nice contents, famous or not.

Scary, scary stuff — and with so many celebs and others affected, we can only hope that the cops get a handle on one (or all) of these burglary groups very soon!!

[Image via FayesVision/Derrick Salters/WENN.]

Jan 6, 2018 3:22pm PDT

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