Golden Globes 2018: Get Ready For Even More Black Dresses Than Expected On The Red Carpet!

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Now that we’re just a few hours out from the Golden Globes red carpet in El Lay, stylists are starting to come out of the woodwork and report on exactly how many black dresses they’ve been putting together for celebs to walk the red carpet today!

As we’ve been reporting, female stars led by the likes of Meryl Streep have long been planning to wear black dresses to the show tonight as a protest and silent statement against sexual harassment and misconduct rampant in Hollywood.

But now, we’re learning it’s actually going to be way more women than anyone initially thought!!!

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One of the most famous tailors to the stars who typically dresses celebs for events like this has come out — anonymously — to reveal that there has been an “insane run” on black dresses in the last two weeks at their shop.

Not only that, the owner has apparently hired TEN more staff members (to a typical staff of five) just in the last week or so to handle the swell of celebs and Globes-goers specifically seeking black dresses for the event tonight.

And it’s not only the tailor here, either — typically stylists will drop off two or three black dresses to give celebs a choice along with other pieces for an event like this, but according to TMZ, at tailor and styling shops like this, each different stylist has now been dropping off more than ten black dresses to each shop along their route.

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In other words, celebs are clamoring for options in black, and designers are trying to oblige.

The end result? There is going to be a TON of black on the red carpet tonight!!!

Of course, some are arguably right to criticize this as a empty statement, but it is going to make for a powerful look on the carpet and a reminder in pics forever about what these women are standing for — and what they’re standing against.


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Jan 7, 2018 3:59pm PDT

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