WHAT?! Michelle Williams Reportedly Paid Less Than 1% Of What Mark Wahlberg Made For All The Money In The World Reshoots!

Jessica Chastain and Michelle Williams

Sounds like Michelle Williams wasn’t getting All The Money In The World for the film’s reshoots after the whole Kevin Spacey debacle.

As you surely know, the movie had to scramble to replace the disgraced actor with Christopher Plummer after the explosive sexual abuse allegations against him. Obviously, this affects the rest of the cast — like Mark Wahlberg and Williams — as their characters interact with Spacey’s.

Back in November, The Washington Post reported Walhberg made $2 million for the reshoots — and now we’re hearing Williams was only making $80 per day for the 10-day shoot. WHAT.

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That difference is staggering! If true, the single mother flew to Italy over Thanksgiving to make not even .0004 percent of what Mark was being paid.

This speculation came about after Jessica Chastain responded to Women And Hollywood founder Melissa Silverstein on Twitter about the pay gap (below):

Wow. No word yet from anyone involved. We’ll keep you posted.

[Image via Ian Wilson/Regina Wagner/Future Image/WENN.]

Jan 9, 2018 1:35pm PDT

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