Peter Fonda Says He Would Have Had Harvey Weinstein ‘Killed’ Over Salma Hayek Abuse!

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A few actors who were privy to Harvey Weinstein‘s predatory ways were so disgusted with the producer, they grew violent.

Well, it’s a good thing Peter Fonda didn’t know what was going on — for Harvey, at least — because his plan of vengeance would have been deadly!

The Easy Rider star said had he known the disgraced movie mogul had harassed his close pal Salma Hayek back in the day, he would have had Weinstein “killed.”

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Speaking to DailyMailTV at the BAFTA Los Angeles Awards Season Tea party over the weekend, Fonda said he was beyond outraged reading Hayek’s New York Times essay in which claimed Weinstein asked her for sexual favors, “physically dragged” her out of a party, constantly belittled her, and even allegedly threatened to kill her.

Fonda, a close friend and colleague of Hayek, said he had no idea what she was going through at the time — and that’s the only reason Weinstein is still alive today! He explained:

“Salma Hayek is a dear friend of mine and I’ve known her for a long time… I did not know what happened to her until I read the New York Times article, and I just grabbed her, when we were down at the Palm Springs Film Festival, I just grabbed her and held her tight and I said to her ear: ├óΓé¼╦£Had I known that, I would’ve had him killed.’ So easy to do.”

Um… we guess he’s still in contact with Phil Spector?

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Fonda’s Game Of Thrones-style revenge plan doesn’t just include death. The 77-year-old also suggested Hollywood abusers like Weinstein be locked up in “pillories” and spanked — despite them probably be into something like that. He mused:

“I think there are so many evil men and they’re so pissed off that they had to come from women that they just abuse and misuse, and they deserve to be put on display in the pillories… naked so that we can all spank them. Of course some of them might like being spanked.”

The actor then spiraled off into a feminist rant and blamed Christianity for allowing men to abuse women across the centuries:

“Without women, we don’t exist. I say for over 200,000 years, men have been abusing women. Then I go back to you, men got so upset about having to have women to get here, that they wrote this book years ago and this way, Adam is first. He’s created out of dust. Then God takes one of Adam’s ribs and makes Eve, so in that sense, this little book screws around with the system, yet every painting about Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, they all have belly buttons. Where was that connected to? God? I don’t think so. So without women, we wouldn’t exist and I think it pisses off a lot of men. I really do.”

One thing is very clear from all of this: never cross Peter fucking Fonda.

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Jan 9, 2018 5:34pm PDT

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