Viral Stars Dan Rue & Nick Joseph Refuse To Apologize After Racially Insensitive Video Resurfaces!

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Logan Paul isn’t the only YouTube star in trouble for a video shot in Japan

In September, social media personalities Dan Rue and Nick Joseph (pictured above) posted a video they shot in the Asian country where the two wreak havoc, and even jokingly kidnap a little girl from her family.

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As seen here:

Fast forward to this week, the clip has resurfaced, and people are PISSED!

Twitter users are accusing the duo of mocking Japanese people and their language, and making light of a serious issue such as abduction.

They wrote:

On Wednesday, Nick issued a statement saying the child and the family were in on the prank, as the toddler is “clearly laughing in the video.” Additionally, he refuses to apologize as he doesn’t “have time to argue.”

Has the Internet gone too far?? Sure looks like it!

[Image via Nick Joseph/Instagram.]

Jan 10, 2018 5:32pm PDT

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