Time’s Up! Women Of Congress Sending Message To Accused Sexual Assaulter Donald Trump By Wearing Black To State Of The Union!

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Donald Trump is set to deliver his first State Of The Union on January 30. (Spoiler Alert: the Union ain’t doin’ so hot!)

But thanks to the congresswomen of the Democratic Party, there will be at least one bright spot — well, figuratively bright anyway.

The Democratic Women’s Working Group is urging all of Congress follow Hollywood’s lead and wear all black to the speech, in support of the #TimesUp initiative.

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California Representative Jackie Speier wrote:

Though the women don’t directly name Trump, he is still being accused by 16 women of sexual harassment and assault, so this would be a pretty strong message aimed right at him.

TBH we were going to wear black anyway to mourn.

Something tells us some Trump supporters would prefer to wear red — or should we say ├É┬║├æΓé¼├É┬░├æ┬ü├É┬╜├æΓÇ╣├É┬╣?

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Jan 10, 2018 8:58pm PDT

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