‘I AM NOT A FUCKING PEDOPHILE!!!’ Watch Shane Dawson’s Explosive Apology Video!

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Shane Dawson is under fire today for some comments he made on a 2013 podcast.

In case you haven’t heard, he was joking about pedophilia and child pornography on an episode of Shane And Friends.

On Wednesday, a video was posted on YouTube in which the audio is edited slightly to remove the aspects that make it clear he’s joking, including Dawson saying he was “kidding” and a disclaimer in which he says “having sex with children or touching children or anything of that nature is terrible, and you should not do it.”

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It’s obviously not what the re-edit is making it out to be, but plenty of people are still offended by what they heard for the first time today, jokes or not. Even when you listen to the podcast, the comments are still disturbing and highly uncomfortable to sit through.

So in response to the shitstorm, Shane has released a 14-minute apology video that is both irate at those trying to smear his name AND legitimately remorseful-sounding for his bad “comedy” from years past.

He begins:

“I am not a fucking pedophile!!! Everybody’s saying, ‘Shane, make a statement.’ There’s my statement. I am not a fucking pedophile. It’s disgusting that some people are saying I’m a fucking pedophile because of some shitty ass fucking jokes on a podcast from six years ago!”

Dawson then takes a second to calm himself and gives a very specific, sincere apology for what he says he is guilty of — telling gross jokes:

“Here’s what I’m going to do. I’m going to apologize first. I used to make really shitty fucking jokes. I am sorry that I was so insecure, I was playing this character of this guy who’s, like, crazy and say anything and like, tries to make people laugh by shocking them. That was my thing. That was what I did on YouTube. A lot of people now don’t know that.”

He then admits, in detail, the kind of immature, hurtful “comedy stuff” he was doing at the time — and why he’d “never” do that now:

“I loved the feeling of making somebody shocked and laugh because they couldn’t believe what was coming out of my mouth. I wasn’t confident enough to make smarter jokes. I was making the easy jokes. I was playing crazy stereotypical characters. I was doing shit that was racially insensitive, I was doing shit that was homophobic, I was doing shit that could be considered fat shaming, I was doing some fucked up comedy stuff that I’m not proud of.

I have changed so much as a person and as a creative and as a director and a writer. The stuff that I was saying back in those times I would never say now. Ever. Because I don’t think that’s funny. Listening to that clip now, I didn’t laugh. I didn’t think it was funny. But when you hear that clip, you hear my cohost laughing, which was my goal. I wanted to always make her shocked and laugh. That was our thing.”

Hear more of Shane’s explanation in his full video (below)!

[Image via YouTube.]

Jan 10, 2018 8:12pm PDT

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