Bella Thorne’s Mom Says She Had No Idea Her Daughter Was Molested As A Child — ‘I Hadn’t Heard About It Before’

Tamara Thorne and Bella Thorne

Every parent’s nightmare.

As we reported, Bella Thorne recently publicly revealed she was molested as a child until she was 14 years old. The 20-year-old actress has not yet named her abuser.

When contacted by for comment in response to the shocking confession, Bella’s mom Tamara Thorne revealed this was the first time she’s hearing of her daughter being sexually abused. Wow.

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The 47-year-old told the outlet:

“It’s a private family matter and I only just found out now. I’m just talking to a therapist about it. I’m processing it — it’s not something I knew about before.”

She added:

“I hadn’t heard about it before. I want to talk to my therapist first about it. I’m actually going to see a therapist, a psychologist about it.”

A family friend confirmed the mother and daughter have discussed Bella’s Instagram post, but it is all still very fresh:

“I’m really sorry but she’s not ready to address this yet.”

A little background on Bella’s family: the former Disney darling grew up in a Miami suburb until her father Delancey Thorne passed away in a car accident when she was nine. She has three half-siblings, Kaili, Dani, and Remy. Tamara and Delancey also took in Stephan Muskus as a young boy and reportedly treated him like a second son. He is now said to be 34. The family relocated to Los Angeles following Delancey’s passing.

We can imagine this is a lot for Tamara to take in. We’re still so proud of Bella for sharing her story.

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Jan 11, 2018 5:39pm PDT

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