Viral GoFundMe Has Already Raised Over $35,000 For Underprivileged Children To See Black Panther!

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The importance for young children of representation in media cannot be overstated.

And no blockbuster superhero movie has ever been filled with so many powerful black characters as Marvel Studios‘ upcoming Black Panther.

It’s already built unprecedented levels of excitement — with the fastest selling tickets in the MCU’s history. Even star Lupita Nyong’o couldn’t get a ticket!

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Unfortunately a lot of the young children to whom the film would mean the most can’t afford movie theater prices.

New Yorker Frederick Joseph (insert, above) realized this problem and decided to try and help out. He set up a GoFundMe to raise enough money to send 300 kids from the Boys & Girls Club of Harlem to see the movie.

A couple celebs have even taken up the cause, tweeting:

Fred’s initial goal? $10K. And in just five days, he’s blown past that to raise nearly $36K!!

The movie opens everywhere February 16; the club is currently booking screenings for the kids the following week.

With the success, Joseph is looking to take the project nationwide, working to create fundraisers for EVERY city — so no child has to live in a world where they don’t get to go see themselves as the hero.

Or the villain we guess. Michael B. Jordan is SO HOT!

Learn more about how YOU can help (below)!

[Image via Marvel.]

Jan 11, 2018 1:16pm PDT

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