Corey Feldman Claims Sexual Battery Case Is Just Sour Grapes From His Old Bandmates!

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Corey Feldman isn’t just denying the sexual battery accusations against him — he’s spilling the tea!

In case you hadn’t heard, the former child star was accused of grabbing a woman’s butt in a police report confirmed by the LAPD.

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While the allegations so far have been anonymous in the public eye, Feldman’s rep tells E! News they know who it was:

“[Corey’s] attorneys are dealing with these egregious accusations and threats that came from Corey’s former band members after he canceled his tour.”

Band member(s)? Plural??

They’re implying those Playboy models Corey calls his “Angels” — who play instruments in lingerie while he sings “hits” like Ascension Millennium — got together and made up these charges out of sour grapes over a canceled tour??

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That’s a pretty outrageous defense.

But Corey is sticking to it. His rep continues to profess his innocence, saying:

“Corey remains focused on his mission to fight the war of inappropriate behavior towards men and women of all ages. Given his own painful experiences, the last thing he would ever want to do is make anyone else feel the way that he did. He is confident that the motives behind these false accusations will be revealed and that the truth will prevail. He also thanks his fans for their continued love, support and belief in him.”

What do YOU think of this latest statement??

[Image via NBC.]

Jan 11, 2018 6:01pm PDT

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