Snakes, 13s, & Joe Alwyn! See All The Easter Eggs Hidden In Taylor Swift’s End Game Video!

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Taylor Swift knows how to make a music video.

As we previously reported, the blonde pop starlet dropped her Joseph Kahn-directed End Game visual at midnight on Friday. And, like what she’s done for her other Reputation-era videos, Miz Swift has jumped on Tumblr to like (AKA endorse) certain fan theories.

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Now, if you think End Game is easter egg free, than boy are you mistaken. Thanks to stealthy Swifties on social media, we’ve learned that cats, 13s, snakes, and boyfriend Joe Alwyn are all referenced in the vid.

Here are ALL of the theories Taylor has responded to…

It appears that the End Game party happening in London is meant to pay tribute to her main man (and potential End Game guy).

We should also mention that the bash at the end is supposed to be a New Year’s Eve party. In case you forgot, TayTay has a song titled New Year’s Eve on Reputation, where she talks about being all in with a beau.

Oh, yes. And let us not forget about the letter J necklace that the hitmaker is wearing. In Call It What You Want, Taylor mentioned she wanted “to wear his initial on a chain round [her] neck.” Please find the evidence (below).

j necklace end game

Swift has certainly embraced her “snake” reputation. For starters, the country crooner turned pop sensation donned a snakeskin suit in the Tokyo scenes. She later sipped on a snake straw. Not to mention, a shot of the chart topper playing Snake is also featured.

In her comeback video, Look What You Made Me Do, Taylor totally played up the “snake” image, but has since suggested in other works that there is a MAJOR difference between her public and private personas. Fair enough.

Of course, being a celebrated cat lady, it wasn’t surprising to see that a feline was spotted in the background of the video.

While old Taylor may be dead in the ground (may she rest in peace), the new Taylor hasn’t forgotten about her, as she referenced Dear John and Begin Again in End Game.

This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things briefly got a shout out too.

A few additional easter eggs that have yet to be endorsed by Taylor include:

Shots of Taylor being a normal girl, like eating at a kebab shop (below) also have significance as it’s said the UK places featured in the video are ones she’s visited with Alwyn.

So cute!

taylor eating kebab end game

Well, there you have it!! Did YOU spot all of these hidden messages???

SOUND OFF in the comments (below)!

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Jan 12, 2018 2:20pm PDT

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