Alleged Child Molester Joel Kramer Reacts To Eliza Dushku’s Accusation: ‘She Has Just Ruined My Career’

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Fallout is now coming in after Eliza Dushku took to Facebook overnight to detail the horrific story of being molested as a 12-year-old actor working on the film True Lies, and the man she accused — stuntman and stunt coordinator Joel Kramer — is denying everything.

Kramer spoke to the New York Daily News this afternoon to vehemently deny all the sexual assault accusations levied against him by Dushku in that Facebook post.

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For one, he said he was “flabbergasted,” and that he was “shaking” because he was so upset about the allegations, all of which he deems to be complete lies.

He said, in part (below):

“It’s something I would never do. I don’t know where this comes from. I am absolutely floored, she was a sweet kid I am absolutely in shock right now. I don’t know why she would do this to me. It is not true.”

And Kramer also takes issue with one very detailed portion of Eliza’s account, where she describes a ride with him in a taxi. The stuntman claimed he never would’ve taken a taxi, because the film would’ve provided him with a car while he was working there.

Kramer recounted (below):

“I was the one driving the car ├óΓé¼ΓÇ¥ the company provides me with a car. What the hell is she talking about it. Absolutely crazy. I just don’t understand it. Be nice to somebody, treat them good and this is what happens.”

There’s a very weird tidbit in the piece, too, where Kramer somehow tries to turn the sexual misconduct allegations back around on Dushku. At one point, the stunt coordinator told the Daily News that a set nurse on the film had told him Dushku had a crush on him, and that he “had to be really careful around her.”


Regardless, Kramer has remained steadfast in denying everything, even going so far as to admit it’s likely the end of his career (below):

“I think she has just ruined my career … what’s left of it. I never ever did anything like that to her.”

So that’s his take.

Dushku is very detailed and credible with hers.

Serious stuff.

[Image via TNYF/WENN.]

Jan 13, 2018 4:44pm PDT

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