Hawaii Residents Woke Up To A ‘Ballistic Missile Threat’ This Morning — But It Turned Out To Be A False Alarm

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This is pretty fucking horrifying… what a thing to wake up to!

Just after 8:00 a.m. local time in Hawaii today, residents who were awake and watching TV got a banner message flying across the screen indicating that U.S. Pacific Command had detected a “missile threat” to the island and that “within minutes” a missile could be landing there.

Um… what?! Is North Korea on the war path???

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Thankfully, it turns out that message was just a (very, very deeply disturbing) false alarm. No missiles, people! Just a glitch in the system.

Here’s what it looked like in real time on TV in Hawaii (below):


But thankfully, it was very quickly reported that there was NO missile threat to the island, and the message had been sent out falsely (below):

Glad we’ve taken care of that.

Still, it’s pretty unsettling to see the message in the first place. Is that how the nuclear apocalypse will begin? With a message coming across our TV screens as we all sit at home and wait to be blown to bits in the nuclear meltdown?

Something fitting about that…….

[Image via Twitter.]

Jan 13, 2018 1:39pm PDT

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