For Some Unknown Reason, YouTube STILL Wants To Work With Logan Paul…

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As disgraced a YouTube star as he may be right now, Logan Paul STILL has a shot to get back in YouTube’s good graces — but for what, exactly???

Paul’s projects have been placed on hold “indefinitely” with the network, and even though he can still reap ad revenue from people watching his videos, he has been stripped of his Google Preferred status ever since that shameful stunt he pulled in Japan.

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But now, it sounds like even though projects are being pulled away from Logan Paul left and right, YouTube STILL isn’t ready to fully part ways with him yet.

That’s according to Robert Kyncl, Google‘s chief business officer speaking at the Television Critics Association press tour on Saturday sounding like he REALLY wasn’t ready to let go of Logan Paul:

“We don’t know [if we will work with Logan Paul again.] I couldn’t really answer that. Everything is evolving so fast and the best thing we can do is make sure we put all projects on hold indefinitely. Actions should speak louder than words. Logan has the opportunity to prove that … I think, obviously, we believe he’s made missteps, unfortunate missteps. He’s expressed remorse very quickly. And uh, is learning from the experience.”


The very definition of white male privilege… both for Logan, and that always-controversial and possibly racist brother of his, too.

Un. Real.

[Image via YouTube.]

Jan 13, 2018 6:58pm PDT

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