Taylor Swift On Alert As Police Investigate Potential Gun-Wielding Stalker Posing As Boyfriend

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It is always SO horrifying whenever stuff like this happens…

A 58-year-old man is going around claiming he’s Taylor Swift‘s boyfriend, and that he needs a gun to protect her, and he’s apparently done enough with his bizarre antics that it’s drawing the attention of the police.

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Law enforcement sources in New Hampshire reported via TMZ this morning that the man had been at a police station in the state for voluntary questioning on an unrelated case when he started to brag he was the singer’s boyfriend.

He then went on to show the cops text message that were from a sender named “Taylor Swift” in his phone. That obviously could’ve been anybody, and almost definitely wasn’t Taylor herself, but… here we are.

Things got really concerning to the New Hampshire police, though, when the man started to ask them how many states it was legal to drive through with his New Hampshire concealed carry weapons permit.

What the fuck?!?!

He later said he needed a gun to protect Taylor “in Africa.” No word on what’s up with that — it doesn’t appear Swift will be going to Africa soon, if ever — but the idea that he was asking about a gun perked up law enforcement’s ears.

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He committed no crime, but cops have been trying to get in contact with Taylor’s camp to warn her about this guy, and give his name (which was not shared publicly). Scary, scary stuff.

Let’s hope she’s taking all security precautions necessary, because potential stalkers and crazed fans like this are no joke!

[Image via Adam Bielawski/WENN.]

Jan 14, 2018 5:17pm PDT

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