Donald Trump Retweets Alt-Right Leader Who Once Allegedly Carried A ‘Rape Melania’ Sign At Rally

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Be careful who you retweet, Donald Trump.

On Saturday, the President retweeted a message from alt-right personality Jack Posobiec accusing Democratic Senator Dick Durbin of flip-flopping on his immigration views.

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The self-proclaimed “conservative Christian” wrote:

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Contrary to what Posobiec claims, the shared video actually shows Durbin saying extending the DREAM Act would not result in family immigration, according to Newsweek.

If the far-right Internet activist sounds familiar, he (unfortunately) is. Not only did Posobiec help organize January 2017’s pro-Trump DeploraBall, he promoted a 2016 false theory called “Pizzagate” which claimed Hillary Clinton ran a sex trafficking ring from a Washington D.C. pizza shop.

In December 2016, he also accused Rogue One: A Star Wars Story of rewriting and reshooting scenes in order to call Trump a racist.

However, according to a Buzzfeed News article published last week, Posobiec allegedly once held a sign at a November 2016 anti-Trump rally that read “Rape Melania.” This occurred less than a week after the 2016 presidential election, and its aim was to discredit anti-Trump supporters and to paint them as violent and out of control.

As seen on Twitter in August 2017:

Buzzfeed News reportedly obtained November 10 and November 12, 2016 text messages between a source and Posobiec showing them brainstorming sign sayings and chants that would demonize anti-Trump supporters. When asked his “mission,” Posoblec allegedly wrote:

“To discredit them… Infiltrate with the bad signs.”

Additionally, a source says Posobiec was the hooded figure who held the “Rape Melania” sign at the D.C. rally.

Posobiec denies holding the sign and writing the texts, saying they were likely photoshopped. He also denies any involvement in the campaign.

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Jan 15, 2018 4:52pm PDT

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