Sarah Huckabee Sanders Criticized For Using Official Press Secretary Twitter Handle To Complain About Amazon

sarah huckabee sanders alexa complaint twitter

This is one problem Alexa can’t fix.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders caused quite the uproar on Twitter after she used the White House press secretary Twitter account on Sunday to complain about Amazon Echo. Apparently, the Donald Trump lackey’s toddler son was able to order a Batman toy after yelling “‘Batman!’ over and over again” into the device.

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So, Huckabee Sanders shared with her 2.5+ million followers:

A pretty harmless tweet, yes?? Well, not everyone online views it that way.

In fact, many criticized the press secretary for being unprofessional by using the government account to complain about a product. Not to mention, Sarah DOES have TWO personal Twitter handles, @SHSanders45 and @SarahHuckabee.

Critics expressed:


Although this social media snafu was totally inappropriate, this isn’t the WORST thing Sarah’s done. We mean, let’s take a look at all of the times she has cleaned up POTUS’ pathological lying. We’re sure the post will be taken down sometime in the near future.

We’d put money on it…

[Image via Ron Sachs/CNP/Media Punch.]

Jan 15, 2018 11:42am PDT

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