Steven Seagal Says 40% Of Sexual Misconduct Claims Are Part Of A Worldwide Conspiracy Of Lies

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In case you hadn’t heard, Steven Seagal doesn’t just look like the type of villain he might have fought in his ’90s action films — he really is one.

After numerous sexual harassment claims, the Under Siege star was accused of rape by a Native American woman who was an 18-year-old extra on 1994’s On Deadly Ground.

Now Seagal is defending himself against the allegations, and it’s somewhat less effective than his aikido skills.

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It doesn’t help that the recent Russian citizen decided to paint the accusers as part of a major conspiracy — to InfoWars host and Sandy Hook denier Alex Jones!

In a new interview, Seagal claimed the women “lied and been paid to lie about me without any evidence, any proof, any witnesses.”

But he wasn’t just defending himself. He says “40 percent” of the #MeToo claims out there “are false”:

“This is just a complete tragedy. This isn’t just me but hundreds of people around the world… many of those people are completely innocent.”

He continues:

“There is a whole force of people gathering around the world now putting in lots of money and lots of time investigation people who are coming are coming after us. The people who are being paid to lie and the people who are paying them to lie are going to be exposed.”

So everyone else is lying? He’s the only one telling the truth in the center of a worldwide conspiracy of lies?

Sounds like another friend of Putin we know…

[Image via ITV/WENN/InfoWars.]

Jan 15, 2018 6:32pm PDT

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