Ashley Judd Condemns ‘Binary Thinking’ Following Unexpected James Franco Praise

ashley judd talks binary thinking james franco praise

Ashley Judd is pleading her case for backing James Franco.

As we previously reported, the industry vet shocked many when she applauded The Disaster Artist‘s response to recent sexual misconduct allegations. In a chat with BBC‘s HARDtalk, Miz Judd dubbed Franco’s statement as “terrific.”

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This stunned several people as Ashley has been lauded as a silence breaker for publicly sharing her unsavory experience with Harvey Weinstein. Not to mention, the 49-year-old can be credited for contributing to the #MeToo and Time’s Up movements. In response to the criticism she’s received for speaking in favor of the Freaks & Geeks alum, the Double Jeopardy actress has penned an insightful letter about “binary thinking” amid this revolutionary time.

Ashley started off her letter by penning:

“Binary, dualist thinking misleads us. It lies to us. It tells us (most often convincingly), that to be, for one thing, we must be against another. In this case, to support survivors passionately, as I do, one must blanket condemn alleged abusers.”

Judd went on to explain to readers that people are allowed to both condemn abuse, while also hoping for change in the alleged predators. She continued:

“We can believe folks who have been assaulted; we can condemn the unacceptable behavior, and create space for abusers to make authentic changes, amends, restitution, and ultimately to become of service to the movement toward the elimination of toxic masculinity and the fulmination of gender equity.”

In regards to her specific comments about James, Ashley noted that she completely believes the women who’ve accused the A-lister. In fact, the El Lay native declared that they have her “unequivocal, fierce support, and love.” She further explained that her praise came before she understood the extent of the claims brought against Franco.

Judd added:

“I also believe that elements of his statement are hopeful (not the entire statement), specifically his expressed desire to set right all harms done and to make restitution. Time will tell if he does these things.

I like that he said them. That is what I meant when I said ‘terrific.’ And of course, words are meaningless without action; Only time will tell if he makes this right.”

Excellent point. Ashley also suggested that men won’t have the ability to change if we don’t give them the chance to grow. The actress turned activist noted:

“…when someone is wrong, we want them to stay wrong so that we can stay right. That is the binary that precludes space for people to change and for men (not just Franco, and not only men) to take an in-depth and moral inventory of themselves. Also, to do the work to make their unacceptable behavior something both of the past and that is redeemed for something that can be of service to another human being.”

Well said. And for those who doubt Ashley’s dedication to the cause, Judd expressed:

“That is the spirit of what I meant. I understand all of that cannot be conveyed in fifteen seconds. If some folks are going to be quick to condemn me for wanting to give space and have hope for boys and men, that is their binary, dualistic thinking in action. … I will first and foremost always be with victim-survivor-leaders, and I will also try to understand and support men who are willing to be accountable and change.”

What do YOU think? Do you understand where Ashley is coming from??

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Jan 16, 2018 1:49pm PDT

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