Sarah Huckabee Sanders Gives The WORST Defense Of Trump’s Racism Ever!

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Sarah Huckabee Sanders always has to contort herself into unseemly positions to defend Donald Trump, but trying to deflect his infamous comments calling Haiti and African nations “shithole countries” may have proved too big a challenge for her.

Or maybe she just hadn’t had her covfefe yet?

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Not only did she say in an early morning interview on the White House lawn that calling the President racist was an “outrageous claim,” she followed it with the single worst argument we’ve ever heard to *disprove* Trump’s racism — if he was, then…

“Why did NBC give him a show for a decade?”

LOLz! Seriously! Watch her say it (below)!

Oh, gurl.

The notion that no racist person could possibly get a TV show is a new kind of bonkers.

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And using the fact no one knew about it to prove it’s not true??

We mean, you could use that same exact argument to defend ANY of the people with shocking reveals after their success.

In fact, let’s try the Huckabee Sanders Defense on some other cases:

“If Michael Vick was really a dog killer, why did the NFL let him play for 13 seasons?”

“If Jared Fogle was really a pedophile, why did Subway make him their national spokesman for 15 years?”

“If Bill Cosby was really a rapist, why did NBC give him the highest rated sitcom in America for eight years?”

Yeah, doesn’t work so well. Good thing she isn’t White House counsel…

Sanders also said Democrats were using Trump’s remarks “as an excuse” not to reach a deal. Sarah. Trump’s remarks ARE the deal.

A bipartisan agreement was reached, and it was only Trump’s RACISM that kept him from green lighting it! Ugh!

[Image via NBC/MSNBC.]

Jan 16, 2018 3:49pm PDT

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