Twitter Lights Up After Impressive Meteor Fireball Explodes In The Sky Over Michigan — Watch!

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On Tuesday night, Twitter was lit with videos that appeared to show a fireball shooting through the sky above Michigan.

Surveillance and car dash camera footage recorded flashes of blue and orange exploding over the southeast highways of the state, causing a shower of speculation to fall over social media.

After witness accounts made the rounds, the National Weather Service Detroit tweeted that the bright light and loud boom was “likely” a meteor. Citing the U.S. Geological Survey, NWSD later confirmed that a meteor had occurred.

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According to NPR, the meteor blew up over Detroit with enough force to register as a 2.0 earthquake. There were no reports of damage on the ground.

Local law enforcement urged witnesses not to call 911 in regards to the space flame, noting in a Facebook post that the sighting was a “natural meteor fireball.”

But the internet wasn’t entirely convinced. See recordings of the big boom for yourself (below) — along with some alarmed reactions.

Did YOU catch a glimpse at the meteor?

[Image via YouTube.]

Jan 17, 2018 10:56am PDT

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