Dreamgirls Star Anika Noni Rose Reveals She Was Sexually Assaulted On A Plane!

This is horrifying!

Anika Noni Rose is bravely opening up about her sexual assault story!

The Dreamgirls starlet revealed on SiriusXM‘s Make It Plain show Thursday how just a year ago, she was violated while sleeping on a plane!

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She didn’t go into all the details of the alleged assault as she is hoping to seek legal justice against her fellow passenger, though this is what she said of the “sly violence”:

“I have never spoken of this, but I will say this out loud now: I was assaulted on a plane last year. And I haven’t been able to get this person’s name; they won’t give me the name of the person… I don’t know this person. He didn’t introduce himself. There was no, ‘Hi, how are you doing?’ And I was asleep before the plane even took off; I’m one of those sleepers. That engine started and I’m like a baby in the car. I’m out. And he ruined it. Ruined it.”

Anika shared her alleged assaulter was eventually removed from the plane after having the flight be diverted:

“We turned that plane around. I was offered that option in the beginning, and I said no, because it seemed like the person was then going to go to sleep. I felt like, ‘Maybe he’s chilling.’ I told the steward and stewardess, ‘I just want you to keep an eye on this person. I just want you to know that this is happening.’ And then he said some things that were so out of the box, that I was like, ‘Let’s stop the plane.’ But at that point, the plane was… We had left late. We were starting to take off late. I didn’t know who had connections somewhere else, who was trying to get somewhere important, so I was like, ‘It’s a short flight. Just pay attention to him. Let’s just keep it moving.'”

She decided she couldn’t just leave it at that:

“I was like, ‘I don’t know what to do with myself. Yes, please turn the plane around.’ I was shaking. I was so upset and so hurt and angry. Like, angry. I wanted to punch that man, and I knew that that would take away from the story that I had to tell. I had to hold in everything that I was feeling to be able to tell this story and be heard and taken seriously from the place I was in. It’s been…interesting.”

Still, the 45-year-old has yet to learn of his name!!

“There’s a Freedom of Information act. You’re supposed to be able to get people’s names. I made a report right then with the FBI and they dropped it. They dropped the case.”

Additionally, Anika claims the police have been of no help:

“I made my report. I followed up with the police, like I was told to do. The police did nothing.”

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It sounds like the case is just at a standstill:

“I don’t really know how you deal with that. It was such a sly violence├óΓé¼ΓÇ¥such a sly violation. It’s a really tough thing to deal with when something happens to you, and you do everything you’re supposed to do, and somebody somewhere else decides: ‘Well, we’re not going to go forward with this. We’re not going to look into this any further.’ You’re walking around in circles asking for information that is owed you. The amount of care that is taken to protect perpetrators is vastly heavier and stronger than the amount of care that is taken to protect victims.”

But she’s not ready to stop fighting for justice:

“I’m not finished. I’m not finished. You don’t have to be in Hollywood. You don’t have to be dressed up. You don’t have to be a siren. I was on a plane, in a skullcap, looking like a kid, basically, and this person felt free to touch me. It is mind-blowing.”

The performer finished by saying what happened to her was nothing to glaze over:

“It sounds like a very small thing. You know, it’s not. It is the police definition of rape. It is not the definition of rape that we think of, because we think of rape as intercourse. Rape is really beyond intercourse, when we look at what the definition is. It doesn’t make it less of a violation. It’s a different type of violation, but it doesn’t make it less shocking├óΓé¼ΓÇ¥I’ll say that.”

We’re thinking of you, Anika!

You can listen to the full clip about her assault (below):

[Image via FayesVision/WENN.]

Jan 18, 2018 4:03pm PDT

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