Caitlyn & Kylie Jenner Had A Rift Over Pregnancy News??

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The rest of the Kardashian fam embraced Kylie Jenner‘s pregnancy news fairly quickly — but Caitlyn Jenner isn’t one to go with the flow.

Not only is she still the only family member to confirm the news that Kris Jenner is apparently still trying to keep under wraps for February sweeps week, she may be the only one still disapproving!

According to an Entertainment Tonight source, Cait “wasn’t happy at first about Kylie becoming a young mother.” Hey, at least she waited until she was 20 (thus totally blowing any chance of an epic Teen Mom crossover).

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The source says Cait was also “hesitant” about Kylie’s baby daddy, Travis Scott. First trimester is a little late for that kind of advice…

Not surprisingly, the source notes Kylie “wasn’t happy about how Caitlyn responded” — though she is reportedly maintaining a better relationship with the Olympian than most of the fam.

How would YOU feel if your 20-year-old daughter got pregnant by Travis??

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Jan 18, 2018 1:01pm PDT

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