Sean Hannity’s Twitter Account Briefly Disappeared Overnight — And Trump Fans FLIPPED OUT!

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Controversial Fox News pundit Sean Hannity tweeted something weird late Friday night, after which his entire account disappeared for a few hours.

The whole episode sent conservative Twitter users into a tizzy blaming Barack Obama, and Hillary Clinton, and Robert Mueller, and whoever else it is those crazy conspiracy theorists tend to blame whenever shit happens.

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It all started when Hannity sent this random, bizarre tweet right before his account was temporarily wiped out (below):

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And then, his account disappeared.

For a few hours!!

And then, the Donald Trump-loving, Sean Hannity-loving conservative Twitter hordes went CRAZY calling out the wackiest of wacky conspiracy theories and imagining that Twitter was again out to get them.

Just a few of the lowlights (below):

OK but seriously, how many of these people are phony Russian bots???

Just sayin’!!

At least some people had the right take (below):


Love it!!

The fact that this is now political news in the realm of this President and his boot-licking buddy Hannity is just sad.

But here we are…

[Image via Rob Rich/WENN.]

Jan 27, 2018 1:57pm PST

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