Tom Brady Criticized For Kissing His Son ‘Too Long’ On The Lips!

tom brady kisses son facebook docuseries

Tom Brady isn’t afraid to show affection to his kids.

However, it seems the New England Patriots quarterback’s habit of kissing his youngsters on the lips has left a few feeling uncomfortable. Earlier this week, the NFL stud’s Facebook docuseries, Tom vs. Time, dropped its third episode.

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In it, Gisele Bundchen‘s husband is seen requesting a smooch from his oldest kiddo, John (who often goes by Jack). Not only did Brady get a “peck” from his boy, but when he requested a longer kiss, the youth happily obliged. Here’s how the moment played out…

When John popped his head in to interrupt his dad’s massage to discuss his “fantasy team,” the 40-year-old jokingly asked:

“What do I get?”

Jack walked over and gave his dad a kiss. When Brady complained about the length of the smooch, the footballer’s boy returned and planted a five second kiss on his poppa. Watch it (below).

Since this episode aired, people have dubbed the moment “uncomfortable” and “too long.” In fact, this is what Twitter has had to say on the matter:

However, this is just how the Bradys show affection. For starters, Tom kisses his father on the lips, as he proved after the Super Bowl last year.

Not to mention, no one was up in arms when he kissed daughter Vivian Lake Brady on the lips for THIS Instagram snap:

Mr. Brady has committed far greater offenses — *cough* not denouncing Donald Trump *cough* — than showing some tenderness to his children. Let’s do away with this toxic masculinity, shall we??

Smooch away, bud!!

P.S. You can watch the WHOLE, controversial Tom vs. Time episode for yourself (below)

[Image via Facebook.]

Feb 2, 2018 8:50am PDT

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