Justin Timberlake Super Bowl Halftime Show Spoilers: No Janet Jackson, No *NSYNC — But One BIG Surprise!

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Less than 48 hours until Justin Timberlake takes the field for his halftime performance at Super Bowl LII in Minneapolis on Sunday, and leaks are starting to come out about what, exactly, you can expect him to do with the time on national TV!

We’ve got some spoilers below, so if you’d rather be surprised by a BIG celeb addition, don’t read on!!!

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But for those interested in getting a head start on halftime, here’s what you can expect from Timberlake and pals during this year’s halftime performance at the big game (below):

For one, there will apparently be NO Janet Jackson. Some thought it might be proper to bring her back after the fiasco Janet and Justin went through at a Super Bowl years ago… but no dice. Doesn’t look like she’s involved.

Speaking of people that aren’t involved, don’t count on an *NSYNC reunion, either!

It appears there are no cameos for Justin’s former boy band-mates planned either, according to TMZ.

But here is one thing you CAN count on: Prince will be there!!!

A hologram performance to honor Prince WILL be part of Timberlake’s halftime show, with the pretty cool trick no doubt prepped to be a fan favorite considering the Super Bowl is taking place in Prince’s home town of Minneapolis.

Sounds cool!!!

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Strategies can change, ya know — perhaps Janet will actually show up or something — but now just one day out from the performance itself, that seems… unlikely to happen.

We’ll see soon enough!!

What do U think, Perezcious readers?!

Looking forward to tomorrow’s big game?? Philadelphia Eagles or New England Patriots — who ya got???

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Feb 3, 2018 10:59am PDT

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