You Might Actually Scream Watching This Clip Of Donald Trump’s Hair

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Well, this is unsettling.

Donald Trump has long claimed he does not wear a wig, hairpiece, or anything of the sort; that his wiry locks of hay are 100% au naturel. But this week, a mildly strong gust of wind finally blew his cover — or, more accurately, the back chunk of his mane.

The video, shot earlier this month, shows the President boarding Air Force One when his hair literally came unglued thanks to mother nature.

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Twitter reacted with equal parts horror and hysterics to seeing Trump’s sickly pale scalp finally freed of its mangy prison.

See the horrifying sight for yourself (below), along with the disturbed reactions:

For the record, it’s super mean and shallow to make fun of someone’s lack of hair. But as the following user points out:

We’re not sure if we should laugh or make a donation.

[Image via C-SPAN/YouTube.]

Feb 7, 2018 12:47pm PDT

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