Rachel Lindsay Totally Blames Donald Trump For Nick Viall Dumping Her On The Bachelor!

donald trump caused a sexless fantasy suite experience rachel lindsay

Donald Trump may be to blame for Nick Viall dumping Rachel Lindsay!

During a visit on the Bachelor Party podcast, the powerhouse lawyer turned reality TV star opened up about her time on season 21 of The Bachelor. Apparently, the only fantasy that happened in Miz Lindsay’s Fantasy Suite was in her dreams.

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According to Rachel, she totally passed out in the luxurious room, rather than spend time with her then beau. While filming the competition abroad, the 2016 presidential election was going on, which Lindsay explained had everything to do with her exhaustion:

“I was in Finland, jet-lagged. We missed our flight in New York. It was just a mess. So I land, I can’t go to sleep and I’m watching BBC. They’re all like ├óΓé¼╦£Hillary [Clinton] is going to win by this’ and you can just tell everything changes. And you’re like ├óΓé¼╦£Oh great. It’s going to be Trump?’ No one can believe it. It was so bad.”

In response to Trump’s distressing victory, Rachel said she began drinking heavily and was left distracted AF. She continued:

“I had my date the next day, and I couldn’t get in the right head space. I drank a lot. I passed out in the Fantasy Suite. This is my first time actually saying that. I just went to sleep. We had no talking that night.”

And, for the record, the 32-year-old did NOT sleep with Viall in the Fantasy Suite. The legal expert confessed:

“I did nothing! I did nothing but sleep. I got my best sleep in the Fantasy Suite!”

Yeah, we have a feeling the election results killed A LOT of sex drives. Sadly, Rachel was sent home the next rose ceremony — and she totally blames POTUS. Nick’s former flame quipped:

“He’s the reason I got sent home. Because I passed out in the Fantasy Suite!”

Don’t feel too badly for Rachel as she went on to be the next Bachelorette, where she met now fianc├â┬⌐ Bryan Abasolo. But, hey, we’ll take any reason to hate the Trumpster!!

[Image via Instagram/WENN.]

Feb 7, 2018 5:00pm PST

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