Donald Trump Lashes Out At The #MeToo Movement, Argues For ‘Due Process’ For Accused

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It’s been a tough week to be a domestic violence-committing dip-shit in Donald Trump‘s White House!

Earlier this week, Rob Porter — a key aide to the President — resigned after it was revealed that both of his ex-wives said he beat and physically abused them.

And on Friday, a second member of Trump’s team — speechwriter David Sorenson — had to resign as well after domestic abuse allegations surfaced against him.

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Not surprisingly, Trump isn’t taking this well at all!!

On Saturday morning, The Donald got on Twitter and decided to lash out against the #MeToo movement by arguing for “due process.”

Here are the stupid things he had to say (below):

Pretty predictable.

Pretty shitty.

Pretty… Trump.

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Of course, not *ALL* these careers are gone after accusations… some people can be accused of inappropriate behavior by dozens of women, and still wind up as President…

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Feb 10, 2018 12:51pm PDT

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