Gigi Hadid Goes OFF On Body-Shamers Calling Her ‘Too Skinny’ At New York Fashion Week!

Gigi Hadid isn't here for the criticism!

With Gigi Hadid making her presence on the New York Fashion Week runways known, it seems she’s coming under fire by body-shamers for looking “too skinny.”

On Sunday, the supermodel went on Twitter to announce she’s not here for the B.S. criticisms about her weight, while also revealing her Hashimoto’s Disease diagnosis!

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She penned about the thyroid disease:

And she explained how she’s already feeling “healthier” now:

Gigi also blasted those claiming her weight fluctuations have been due to drugs:

So maybe people will finally learn NOT to judge people without knowing a single thing about them…

The starlet shouldn’t feel like she needs to defend herself, but thankfully she also has a slew of friends who came to her side! Lily Aldridge, Chrissy Teigen, and Ruby Rose all spoke out in support on social media:

Hopefully Gigi isn’t letting the mean comments get to her any longer.

Although a source did tell E! News that she was “really hurt” by the weight-shaming, which is why she “wanted to let everyone know what was on her mind”:

“Gigi took it on herself to fire back on social. She didn’t consult with anyone before she did that. Certain things she likes to handle on her own. Gigi keeps it real.”

And just as we imagined, it’s said Zayn Malik is “really supportive and always makes her feel beautiful.”

We’re glad she’s got an amazing circle of loved ones!

[Image via Lia Toby/WENN.]

Feb 12, 2018 9:43am PDT

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