Bachelor Winter Games Is Here — & Ashley Iaconetti Is ALREADY In Tears! Get The Recap!

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As The Bachelor continues to be a snoozefest, we couldn’t be happier Bachelor Winter Games has arrived.

While the latest spinoff is a lot like Bachelor In Paradise, it offers a lot more to the show as there are cute coats, wintry games, and yummy foreigners. Sadly, the series is only four episodes long *SIGH*.

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Don’t fret though, because the drama has already kicked into high gear. And, by drama, we mean Ashley Iaconetti has already cried A BUNCH!!!

So let’s get into the specifics…

After a fun parade and concert, the group of contestants moved their beautiful behinds into their cute little winter residence. Not only did the group start prepping for their first event (which involved both skiing and shooting), the competitors moved to start forming connections. In short: they all started making out with one another.

Specifically, the couples that paired off were Dean Unglert and Lesley Murphy, Bibiana Julian and Kevin Wendt, and Josiah Graham and Ally Thompson. They move quickly, don’t they??

Bachelor Winter Games recap

Luke Pell, along with Canadians Benoit Beauséjour-Savard and Wendt, flourished during the physical biathlon event. But it was Mr. Wendt who nabbed the first date card. As for the female contestants, Swede Rebecca Carlson scored her date card pretty easily.

Ashley I. responded to Kevin winning the date card in the most EXTREME way, as she started having a meltdown over whether or not she’d be invited on the outing. Although Bibiana already formed a cozy connection with the Canadian hunk, Ashley I. defended that she too felt VERY strongly for him. Girl, you just met. Calm down.

Bachelor Winter Games recap

Between Ashley I.’s screams and wails about being friendzoned, Bibiana was invited on a date by Kevin. Luke was also asked out by, you guessed it, date card holder Rebecca. Footage from the dates were only minutes long and, in truth, not very interesting. But everyone seemed to have a nice time.

Right as we were getting emotionally invested in this winter dating venture, Chris Harrison announced some shocking news about the rose ceremony — that it’d be elimination style, ├â┬á la Survivor. If you’re confused, Harrison made sure to explain that every person in the house had to vote for someone they didn’t think was there for the right reasons. SAVAGE, and we love it.

Ultimately, Eric Bigger, Zoe Tang, Laura Blair, Lauren Griffin, and Jamey Kocan were all sent home. See ya, wouldn’t want to be ya!!

Be sure to study that Bachelor Winter Games anthem, because BWG returns THIS THURSDAY at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

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Feb 14, 2018 10:57am PDT

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