‘Get Something Done!’ Student Who Survived Shooting Has A Clear Message For Congress!

David Hogg is a senior at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, where 17 people lost their lives on Wednesday in the deadliest school shooting since 2012.

While he was as scared as his peers, huddled together in a classroom hiding from the shooter, he also saw things clearly.

We need to do something about the access to guns.

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First, he filmed a video on his phone during the shooting, getting confessionals from fellow students, one of whom said they had planned to join the NRA — but couldn’t even imagine doing so now.

He has also been speaking up to every news outlet since yesterday demanding from lawmakers that this be the last school shooting.

As he told CNN:

“Please! We are children. You guys are, like, the adults. You need to take some action and play a role, work together, come over your politics, and get something done.”

Here is some of the video he made:

And here he is with fellow student Kelsey Friend and her mother speaking on Good Morning America about their experience:

So what are you going to tell David, senators and representatives? As you continue to take millions of dollars from the NRA?

What are you going to say to these students demanding action??

Feb 15, 2018 1:49pm PDT

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