Olympian Adam Rippon Has A Message For His Haters — Plus He Explains How Figure Skaters Select Their Performance Music!

Adam Rippon

We would follow Adam Rippon to the ends of the earth.

The standout figure skater won third in Friday’s competition at the Olympics after delivering a set to Let Me Think About It, which immediately caused a conversation on Twitter!

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After his performance, the 28-year-old laid on the ice for a celebratory moment, which he later described to reporters saying:

“It was a little chilly, but also everyone else in the competition’s 18, so I just needed like one minute to like catch my breath. The rest of the kids, they’ll be fine. But I just needed a second, and it was just great.”

Ha. Overall though, he was “so happy with what I was able to do”:

“I was putting a lot of pressure on myself to skate well today. I’ve definitely got a lot of attention over the past week and a half, so I wanted to show all of those people who have shown me love, they have their hands full.”

The athlete added:

“I think what’s helped me kind of keep everything into perspective is that I’m here and I’m doing a job. Everything else, it’s just on my phone, and I can put my phone away and I can just stay here and stay completely present in the moment.”

Speaking of the trolls (like Bristol Palin), Adam quipped:

“Haters are just fans in denial.”

Bless. Our new motto.

For more fun with Adam, watch this video of his explaining the history of music in figure skating (below)!!

[Image via Instagram.]

Feb 16, 2018 1:04pm PDT

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