Jennifer Aniston Is Surrounded By ‘Lots Of Love’ Amid Her Split From Justin Theroux!

Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux

What a devastating split (for us, anyway)!

As we reported, Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux announced their separation on Thursday — and it totally seemed to come out of left field!

On the bright side, we’re hearing the Friends alum is surrounded by a ton of love during this difficult transition.

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An insider told E! News of how the 49-year-old actress is doing:

“Jen is doing OK. She has her group of friends that are her family, and they have rallied around her. It’s always sad and heartbreaking to have to move on, but she has a lot of love in her life. She will take this and learn from it and have new perspective going forward.”

The source went on to provide a little more insight into why they called it off:

“They fell in love and their different lifestyles didn’t matter because their love was so strong. She never tried to stop him from being who he is and wanted him to continue doing what he loves. But eventually that caused them to grow apart and realize that being a couple didn’t suit them. Justin didn’t want to deal with the shallowness of Hollywood and be a part of her world anymore.”


“Their differences took a toll. They built a life that worked for a while, and they found commonalities that kept it going, but enough time passed where it became obvious they weren’t compatible. She doesn’t really fit into his group of friends or his world. He accepted who she was for a while, but it didn’t feel right for him anymore. They still have so much love and respect for one another. But there just wasn’t a reason to be married. He wants to be in New York, hanging out with his hipster friends or riding his motorcycle through Europe, and she wants to be by the beach somewhere doing yoga.”

After over seven years of them being together — it’s definitely an adjustment!

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Feb 16, 2018 5:12pm PDT

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