Black Panther Is ALREADY Shattering Box Office Records & It Hasn’t Even Been Out A Full Weekend!

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Holy shit!!!

Black Panther has been out at the box office for like two seconds, and it’s already completely shattering theater records for ticket sales — even before its first weekend can be completed!!!

AMC Theater Group announced today that Black Panther has ALREADY earned more in ticket sales at 33 of their theaters across the country than any other movie, at any other time, EVER.

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Put that another way, as THR did, and that means filmmaker Ryan Coogler‘s superhero pic is already the highest-grossing title at 33 major theaters around the country without even being out for one full weekend!!!

AMC didn’t reveal exactly which 33 theaters where this is happening, nor give out a precise dollar amount grossed quite yet, but we can take a guess based upon where there are tons of showings early this weekend: take, for example, the AMC Southlake 24 in Atlanta, Georgia.

At that theater, there were a record EIGHTY-THREE showings of Black Panther on Friday alone!!!

That’s wild!!!

The final box office numbers are going to come out later tomorrow afternoon, and we’ll report on those and give specific numbers just like we always do, but this is definitely already a news story in and of itself!

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So huge — and so cool!!!

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[Image via Disney.]

Feb 17, 2018 1:57pm PDT

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