Donald Trump Posted A Lot Of Shitty Tweets This Morning, But This One Was Definitely The Worst

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Are you serious, Donald Trump??

The Cheeto-in-Chief went on a Twitter spree this morning, posting more than a dozen tweets about his favorite subjects: Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, polling numbers, tax cuts, the 2016 election (that he STILL can’t stop talking about), etc., etc…

But one tweet — by far — was the worst, and frankly most offensive, tweet of them all.

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It’s this one here, in which Trump somehow seemingly argues that the FBI would have been able to stop the Florida high school shooter if only they hadn’t been… so preoccupied about Russia?!?!

Look (below):

Dude, are you serious?!

First off, can you show your condolences in a real, authentic, human way to all the victims and survivors of the tragedy in Florida instead of making it all about yourself??

And second, and most important from a fuckin’ COMMON SENSE perspective, Donald do you really not realize that different departments in the FBI do different things?

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Some portions of the FBI investigate your crooked ass… while other COMPLETELY SEPARATE portions of the FBI deal with crimes and threats like the Florida school shooter.

It’s a big organization. It can do multiple things at once. Field agents all over the country are assigned to specific, varied beats. The entire freakin’ bureau isn’t investigating your ties to Russia, Donald.

How is it possible that one man — and our PRESIDENT, no less — can be this dumb??

[Image via White House/YouTube.]

Feb 18, 2018 10:22am PDT

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