Roseanne & Tom Arnold Are Beefing AGAIN — This Time Over Donald Trump!

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We never thought we’d end up being #TeamTom, but here we are in 2018, aka Bizarro World.

Over the past few months, Roseanne Barr has become more and more firmly in support of Donald Trump, to the point she’s retweeting alt-right leaders like Jack Posobiec.

After all, at this point if you’re still pro Trump, you’re pretty much anti everybody reasonable, like scientists, the FBI, school shooting victims, every non-dictatorial country around the world — oh, and Tom Arnold.

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Tom has known The Donald a long time and as such has been firmly against him becoming POTUS. He’s even reportedly a witness in the Mueller Probe he has so much inside info. (Yes, really!)

So as if these exes needed something else to fight about, now Tom and Roseanne are beefing once again on Twitter as Tom jabbed:

Damn! He @ed ABC and everything!

Something tells us they know who they’re working with though — even her character on the Roseanne revival is going to be a Trump supporter.

We guess Roseanne herself was too busy joking about Fergie‘s national anthem to respond personally, but she did retweet her son, Jake Pentland, who wrote:

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Something tells us this feud is far from over.

Something like the decades it’s been going already!

[Image via Media Punch/David Edwards.]

Feb 21, 2018 1:56pm PST

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