Quincy Jones Apologizes For ‘Wordvomit’ Interview, Says Details Came ‘Flooding Back’ After He Quit Drinking!

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No, Quincy, no!

If you didn’t see Quincy Jones‘ amazing, far-reaching interview with Vulture a couple weeks back, you have to check out some of his claims HERE.

In short, the venerable music producer was in full DGAF mode, making wild statements about Ivanka Trump and Richard Pryor, insulted The Beatles, promoted a JFK assassination conspiracy, and talked smack about almost every current pop artist.

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It was pretty amazing.

Unfortunately, Quincy is now apologizing for the “wordvomit,” saying his daughters sat him down for an intervention, after which he realized his “bad-mouthing” was “inexcusable.”

See his entire public apology statement (below):

Note that he didn’t retract any of his statements exactly, as we’re sure some would have liked.

He does say quitting drinking has caused details to “come flooding back all at once” but never says those details are off exactly, only that they don’t “paint the full picture.”


Do YOU think Quincy got stuff wrong? Or was just sorry he said it??

[Image via Faye Sadou/Media Punch.]

Feb 22, 2018 1:19pm PDT

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